Five Ways I Choose Sustainability in My Business

Today being World Earth Day, I thought it would be fitting to share 5 ways that I choose sustainability in my business – so lets dive right in!

1. Eco Friendly Packaging All of the packaging I use is eco friendly. I use compostable mailer bags that meet the Australian, European, American and International Standards, meaning they will breakdown in a home compost system within 180 days leaving no harmful residues. The custom printed tissue paper and stickers we use is also environmentally friendly. It is both acid free and is Forest Stewardship Certified. This means that the paper is sourced responsibly and sustainably. It is also printed with soy based inks. Soy based inks do not leave petroleum based products when decomposing and have reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that equates to less air pollution during the drying process.

2. Using Deadstock, Vintage and Reclaimed Fabrics
Rather than buying new fabrics, I prefer to use what others have discarded, or reuse what is no longer being loved and turn it into something fresh. There is plenty to say here on the sustainability of fabrics, but I’ve done another post on that here – so feel free to check that out.

3. Small Batch Production I make all of our designs in small batches. Small batch production is where products are created in runs under 500 units – for me this is more like under 20 units. This means I can control the amount of waste produced. I choose the pattern lay plan to minimise waste and can choose to work with any offcuts to reduce the waste even further.

4. Business Cards
My business cards are multi-use. They are business cards, swing tags and also appointment cards for clients. As a bonus they are made from recycled cotton t-shirts! How awesome is that!

5. Low Waste Cutting Techniques Where possible I create and design patterns that have low or zero waste. It is a very different way of pattern making from how I was trained, so I’m learning more every day. It takes a fair bit of trial and error, but I think in the long run its worth the effort if it means I can make pieces that leave nothing on the cutting room floor! I hope this gives you a little insight into the behind the scenes of my business, and why I’m so proud to call myself a sustainable business owner. Sustainability for me and my business isn’t about an end goal on the top of a mountain; it’s a journey we take, ever improving and growing and learning. I would love to hear how you choose sustainability in your life or business!

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