How To Pack Clothes For A Stress Free Holiday

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It’s school holidays here right now, and my nephews have already started talking about their Christmas holiday plans. We all want our holidays to be enjoyable and stress free, and that includes the preparation!

If you’re a mum like me, then when you go on holidays packing for the whole family tends to fall onto your to-do list. So to make our task easier I’ve compiled a handy list of packing tips to make the whole process one of ease and ensure that when you get to your destination your clothes are as stress free as the rest of your holiday!

  1. This might seem obvious, but work out how many days you are going away for, check if you will have access to a washing machine or not and take note if you have any special events while you’re away.
    Noting all of these, plan your outfits ahead of time so you know which pieces you will wear together and don’t end up with an oddball outfit at the end of the holiday.
  2. My next tip is along the same lines as the first. Pick items you can easily mix and match, this way you are less likely to end up with pieces that don’t work together. This means getting ready every day you are away is stress free and simple.
    You can also do the same with your accessories and shoes. I like to minimise my shoe choices to 3 – a walking shoe, a dressy shoe and either a beach shoe or everyday shoe depending on where we are going. I also keep accessories to a minimum as it means less items to keep track of when its time to pack to come home.
  3. When packing your clothes, roll them instead of folding them. it takes up less space, and items like t-shirts, jeans and jumpers won’t need ironing anyway so you don’t need to worry about them becoming wrinkled. Which brings us to the next point.
  4. No iron? No problem! If your clothes do arrive at your destination with wrinkles in them and you don’t have access to an iron then hang them up in the bathroom when you have a shower. The steam from the shower will help the wrinkles drop out.
  5. Ensure you hang up any items as soon as you get to the destination, especially those that are for special events or garments that are prone to wrinkles. This stops them getting wrinkled and ensures they are ready to go when its time to wear them, and you won’t be scrounging around in a suitcase looking for that one garment and end up having to wear something else because you just can’t find it!
  6. Pack a garment wash bag even if you won’t be washing your clothes while away. They are super handy for putting worn socks, underwear, lingerie and hosiery into to keep it separate from the clean ones – extra handy if you have children! I also pack a bag for wet items, especially if going to the beach or some where with a pool.
  7. If you are packing for more than one person, pack for one person at a time. This way you can ensure you’v got everything you need for everyone and don’t leave anything vital behind! And when packing for young children, always pack extra outfits so as not to be caught out when they inevitably mess on that one good outfit you planned for dinner out.
  8. Give yourself enough time to pack. Don’t leave it til the last minute or the night before. Planning ahead means you won’t find yourself without that essential item, or wishing you hadn’t worn that top or pants yesterday. It will be less stressful if you take your time and have a plan.
    What’s that saying? “Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” … Totally applicable here. If you want to still look amazing while on holidays it takes a little forethought and forward planning.

I hope this list has been helpful and will be a handy guide for when you next go on holidays.

Let me know if you have any other great packing tips in the comments! I’d love to hear.

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