Which Coat-hangers Should I Choose?

Photo by Peter Plashkin on Unsplash

There are so many different options out there for coat hangers it can be confusing to know which is the right one for the garments you have. There are wooden hangers, wire hangers, plastic hangers, velvet hangers, padded ones, notched ones, open ended ones, and clip ones – but which ones are best for what? There is so many choices where do you even start? Well I’ve made it simple for you by breaking down the best types of hangers for different items – so next time you need new hangers you know which ones to buy!

Wooden Hangers
Designed to last, wooden hangers are great for jackets, coats, suits and heavier items as they are durable and strong. They won’t sag or snap under the weight of your garments. Make sure you get ones with a good varnish and smooth finish. If you intend to hang suits on them also ensure they have a cross bar.
Bonus tip: Notched ones are handy for hanging heavier dresses.

Velvet Hangers
These hangers are made to be non-slip so they are perfect for dresses or even tops with wider necklines. The velvet texture of the hanger protects delicate clothing and prevents snagging. I recommend choosing velvet hangers with notches, they are great for those strappy summer dresses and tops that always seem to slip right off any other hanger.
Bonus tip: Make sure your clothes are dry before hanging them on velvet hangers.

Padded Hangers
Ideal for t-shirts and stretch fabrics, these hangers are also great for delicate items like silk tops and dresses. The soft padded nature of the hanger stops the garment from stretching and distorting (I think most of us have had a shirt with a weird point on the shoulder from using a wire hanger) and also prevents snagging.
Bonus tip: You can always add buttons onto the end instead of having a notch – its really handy for slips and under dresses.

Clip Hangers
These are the best hangers for all types of skirts, and strapless or off-the shoulder style dresses. Choosing clip hangers with a silicone or rubberised clip will prevent damage to the fabric of the garment and also stop those annoying indentations. Hanging skirts or dresses with a clip hanger prevents creasing and means your garment is ready to wear when you want with less need for ironing!
Bonus tip: Choose hangers with sliding clips so if you have a narrower item or wider item you can choose with width of your hanger.

Open-ended Hanger
You may have only seen these hangers in fancy department stores, but they are the best option for hanging trousers and jeans. Hanging your trousers, rather than folding, means less creasing and you can easily see which pair of pants you have available to you without rummaging through a drawer. The open-ended feature means you can grab those trousers without having to take the coat hanger off the rack! They are generally made to be quite sturdy so can handle the weight of your jeans or work overalls without sagging or breaking.
Bonus tip: You can also get opened-ended hangers that have tiers, so if you have lots of work pants or jeans you can hang all the same ones together AND save space!

Accessories Hangers
You can also get coat hangers for scarves, ties and belts. Most styles are interchangeable between these 3 types of accessories, but some scarf hangers (the ones made up of circles for instance) are not very suitable for ties or belts. Hanging these accessories can make getting ready in the morning easier by being able to view and access everything you need for you outfit. They can also be really handy if you have a wardrobe that doesn’t have shelving or drawers. I also find having my belts or scarves hanging up makes me more likely to wear them.

Choosing specialised hangers not only means they will be more durable, it also means your clothes are getting the support and protection they deserve. Your clothes will last longer when they are stored well, and they’ll thank you for taking care of them. The fun part of choosing new hangers is getting to re-design the aesthetic of your wardrobe so instead of a hodge podge of wire and plastic hangers, you can create a collection of hangers that not only serves their function well but looks good too. You can make your wardrobe a curation of wearable art that you enjoy, rather than just a storage room for clothes.

Bonus tip: Don’t overwhelm yourself by throwing out all your hangers at once, start by phasing out one section at a time, just buy hangers for your jackets and coats, and then move to your skirts or trousers. Make it an easy and smooth transition so you and your back pocket don’t freak out!

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