Spring Summer Trends for the Eco-Conscious Fashionista

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New season = New trends and eco-fashionistas everywhere want to know how to integrate these looks into their existing wardrobes without dipping their toes into the fast-fashion trend cycles and getting caught out with pieces that will fade as fast as the spring blooms!

With this new season you will be excited to know that there is literally something for everyone, no matter your style! And also plenty of ways to incorporate the looks with thrifted, up-cycled (thrift-flipped) or existing pieces you may own. It’s the perfect season for eco-fashionistas to shine and thrive!

The key trend pieces you will be seeing are shoulder-padded jackets (think 80’s power dressing), denim shorts (mid thigh or knee length so no need for shorty shorts!), head scarves, cropped cardigans, cowboy-esque accessories and corsets (not for under your garments, but as stand alone pieces or to be worn over other pieces). We are also seeing the rise of the mini skirt coming back through slowly, with hope for better days ahead. I think these trend pieces are perfect for the savvy and eco-conscious fashion lover as many can be purchased from thrift stores, or be up cycled from current pieces (or may even be things you already own!) We are also seeing the rise of the mini skirt coming back through slowly, with hope for better days ahead.

Get creative – think raiding your mum’s closet, thrift store shopping, wearing what you have in new ways or altering what you already own that you maybe need to repair. That cardigan you have that maybe has a hole in the bottom of it, shorten it to get a cute cropped version. Your older pants with torn hems can be shortened into mid thigh shorts. 90’s tube tops and stretchy camisoles or crops can be repurposed as “over-corsets”. Even if you have a dress that’s torn, you can cut it up and turn it into a couple of head scarves OR add a panel in a contrasting fabric (more about that next!).

Colour wise there is pastels, bolds, psychedelic acid tones or monochromes – so whether your style is ultra feminine, or you want to be loud and proud or if you prefer a neutral palette – you’re covered! There’s no need to wear a colour you hate this season! Tropical prints, paisley and stand alone florals make appearances in the prints, with vintage turning modern being a real key concept for the season! Perfect for thrifters and thrift-flippers alike! Grab Grandma’s old sheets (with her permission of course!) and cut it up into some 70’s style flares, or a cute shirred little crop top with matching head scarf. See if your old dress up box has any amazing vintage accessories like beaded bags or cowboy boots or oversized chunky jewellery.

Bold contrasts such as pattern clashing, stripes with florals, leopard prints with tropicals and combinations of bright colours means you can mix and match to your hearts desire. Tie a scarf onto your handbag, iron on some monstera leaf motifs to your jeans pockets, dye that beige blazer acid yellow, sew some funky leopard print trim onto the cuffs and collar of a business shirt or cut up two contrasting tops and combine them into one panelled one- so many fun ways to incorporate these trends whether you can sew or not. If there ever was a time to enjoy being creative with your clothes and try out something new in the style department – these are the days!

Wide leg and flared silhouettes are “in” when it comes to pants, but if you’re like me and look like a goose wearing these, then crop them a little shorter. Those oversized shirts from last season can be cinched in with belts, corsets and tube tops – this is another great way to combine different pieces that you maybe already have in your closet in new and fun ways. While the silhouettes still seem to be semi-androgynous, we are getting more of the feminine shapes coming through with the more fitted bodices, tie tops and corset styles filtering in.

There is a dash of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s throughout this Spring/Summer season – so pick the parts you love the most and ignore the rest! Celebrate you, your body and the things you love. Remember to have fun and that your personal style trumps trends every time!

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