Frightening Fashion Faux Pas

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This week was Halloween and I couldn’t help but think there is nothing more scary than a wardrobe malfunction or fashion faux pas! Heres my top 5 fashion mistakes to avoid (written with a little seriousness, and a lot of humour).

  • 1. Socks With Sandals
    Now I know this might be trending somewhere in the world but please no! It genuinely looks like you got dressed in the dark with your eyes closed – and is especially unpleasant if you are wearing thongs (read – flip-flops for my non-Australian readers) that weird webbed-toe separation thing going on just looks uncomfortable!

2. Low Rise Pants with Underwear Peeking Out
Oh dear – I remember this one almost being a trend in my teenage years – thankfully those crazy low waisted jeans are gone and hopefully so is the g-string popping up out the back.

3. Nip Slips & Side Boob
Save yourself ahead of time here and invest in some double sided invisible tape to keep those low necklines and armholes secure. We don’t mind seeing a little skin, but that’s maybe a touch too much.

4. Shoes you can’t walk in
I know those beautiful stilettos are incredible, but if you cannot walk in them, put them back on the shelf and go for something a little more comfortable. Same goes for any shoes!

5. Ill-Fitting Garments
This is especially related to suits, but applies to anything. If its too tight either get your seamstress/tailor to let it out or donate it (please don’t buy things too tight) and if its too big then go to your tailor to get it taken in! A well-fitting garment makes an immense difference – not just to the appearance, but also your comfort and I can guarantee you’ll wear it more if it fits well too!

Let me know what you think are the worst or most frightening fashion mistakes you’ve seen!

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