Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Guide

This year, once again, I’ve put together a creative and eco-friendly gift wrapping guide with 4 new ideas and some bonus gift tag, ribbon and decoration inspiration!
If you would like to check out last year’s list I’ve linked it at the bottom of this one. But without further ado – here’s your 2021 gift wrapping guide!

  • Magazine pages 
    This follows on from the newspaper idea in our first holiday wrapping guide, but gives more space for colour and creativity – you can use photos and images from whatever magazines you regularly read (or if you’re like me and a collector of the free food magazines at woolies and coles you can use the pages from that of the recipes you won’t use!) 

    Image from Jane Means Pinterest
  • Botanical Wrap 
    I used to make this as a child, we would pick flowers and leaves and lay it on wax paper in a pretty pattern, and then lay another sheet of wax paper on top and iron it together (on warm). It really makes for a beautiful and special way to wrap gifts. 

    Image from Gave That
  • Kraft Paper With Customised Designs 

    This is such a fun activity for little ones, or for big ones who want to be a bit creative. You can pick up a roll of Kraft paper from Office Works (or similar stationary store) and use stencils and paints or cut out potatoes into stars or whatever shape you like to create some fun and unique wrapping paper – plus it’s a Christmas activity for the whole family! 
    You can really get creative with this, using marker pens you could make word searches, sudokus, spot the difference or I-spy type games on the wrapping paper for people to play later when they are all feeling relaxed after that big delicious Christmas lunch!

    Image from DIY in PDX
  • Simple Gift Boxes – Reimagined
    You can pick up some lovely shaped plain cardboard boxes at $2 stores and paint, stencil, collage or decorate them however you please (festive or to the recipient’s taste) and after the joy of gift giving they can be reused for storage later! (Or be used again to wrap another gift!) 
    Or you could even make your own little gift boxes and bags using pretty papers.

    Image from Design Improvised

  • Bonus decoration or gift tag ideas 
    Tie a small bauble to each gift alongside the name tags 
  • Punch or cut shapes out of dried leaves and use them as gift tags instead of paper 
  • Tie greenery or pine cones onto the gift – this looks especially lovely if you are using Kraft paper, children’s paintings or the botanical gift wrap

    Image from Made It

And that’s a “wrap” for this years eco-friendly gift wrapping guide – if you want some more ideas be sure to check out our guide from last year and if you use one of our ideas – tag us on social media (Facebook or Instagram) @raspberriesandsoda – we would love to see your creative gift wrapping skills come to life! 

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