What is all the hype about silk pillowcases?

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Silk. It’s luxurious, shiny and highly coveted; and it’s made by little worms eating mulberry leaves… well that’s the silk worms I grew up with! 

It’s soft on your skin and your hair – so let’s talk about why it’s so good (and why everyone is going crazy for silk pillowcases!). 

Most of us use cotton (or linen) for our bed linen. During the night our faces and hair brush up against the fabric and the texture of the fibres can cause friction and your hair to become entangled in it. This causes broken strands, split ends, frizz and fly aways. 

The benefit of moving to silk pillowcases is that the fibres are so smooth and soft that there is little to no friction or risk of entanglement, so you hair will not be damaged by your rolling round in your sleep! 

Another wonderful fact about silk fibre is that it doesn’t draw moisture or the natural oils away from your hair like cotton (which is more absorbent) does. If you’re prone to dry hair then grabbing yourself a silk pillowcase might just be the next step in taking your locks!  

These same benefits apply to your skin, this means a silk pillowcase is a cleaner and after place to rest that pretty face overnight. The pillowcase will be cleaner because it hasn’t absorbed the oils and moisture from your face as much, and won’t pull and cause friction on the tiny hairs on your face – meaning it’s less likely to cause acne to flare up, dry out your skin or maybe even cause wrinkles! (Here’s me wishing I had a silk pillowcase through my teens!) 

And even though there isn’t a lot of science backed evidence out there, dermatologists still say that silk pillowcases are better than cotton and definitely recommend them to those with sensitive skin. 

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