That Little Cross Stitch on your Jacket

Todays post might be something that blows your mind and changes your world. It also might be something you already know, but from my experience very few people know about this and it’s such a common thing! 

You are out buying some new clothes and find the perfect blazer/ jacket. It’s such a good fit, the sleeves are the right length and it’s just the right colour. You grab it, pay for it and take it home; adding it to your wardrobe. Easy. 

A few days later you wear it out, maybe to work or a brunch, or maybe blazers are just part of your regular style. You get it dry cleaned after and you think that’s all there is to it.

But did you know those little cross stitches on the back vent (the opening at the centre back – sometimes there is two) that make it bubble out funny when you sit down but hold the bottom of the vent closer are supposed to be unpicked! 

I cannot tell you the number of people I see going around with their back vent still stitched together. And on top of that… those pockets that you think are just decorative are probably just stitched closed and are real pockets! 

Let me explain the reason for those stitches, so you don’t think I’m twisting your leg to convince you that they are supposed to be removed. When the jackets and blazers are made these stitches are put in to help the garment hold their shape. So it doesn’t get creases, twists or pulls on any of those locations – it is the same for uniform skirts with pleats and the row of running stitch across the bottom. The garment keeps its shape well while waiting for its new home. It transports well and then hangs and presents nicely on the hanger in the shop until purchased. 

Other stitching fashion faux pas to avoid on your blazer or suit jacket include visible stitching across the shoulders (it will be most likely done in the same colour as the back cross stitch, or in white), and if your jacket has a brand label stitched onto the end of the sleeve, you should remove that too. These little tips will up your suit game!

The truth is, so so many people don’t know about this, and no sales person ever seems to tell anyone either so everyone goes around with their vents stitched together, thinking they’ve got fake pockets. And if you’re not feeling confident to do it yourself, any alteration specialist or tailor would be happy to help. So please unpick those stitches and don’t go round with your  jacket vents stitched closed! 

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