Meet The Designer

Thank you for dropping by my website. I’m Grace Kemp, the founder and head designer of Raspberries & Soda. I have always had a love of creating: from pencils and paints, to yarns and fibres; and fabric and threads, it is who I am to create and make, I just can’t help myself!

I completed my Diploma of Applied Fashion Design in 2014. I then trained with and worked alongside some of the most amazing and creative designers and ateliers in Brisbane for the next 5 years. When my first child was born I decided it was finally time to strike out on my own and start my own business.

I am passionately drawn to life-long learning. I am always developing and engaging new and innovative techniques. I love creating beautifully crafted pieces and my dream is to help bring the fashion industry forward to a new era of eco consciousness and lowered waste. Sustainable fashion should be standard, not extra.

When I’m not daydreaming up new ideas or experimenting with fabrics you can find me playing with my two boys, hanging out with my husband, reading a good book or out in the garden/ nature.

Raspberries & Soda is a culmination of years of study and training, a love for beautiful, detailed and unique pieces, and an exploration of creative and environmentally conscious techniques. It is an expression of my journey through sustainable fashion and I hope that you will join me for the ride.